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January 18, 2020





           Players must play in 2 games to be playoff eligible

All teams make the playoff tournaments in the Fall season. There will be an Eastern League bracket and a Western League bracket.

The playoffs will be in a double elimination format for both brackets. Teams will be seeded based on finish within their division, (i.e. Eastern division teams will be seeded #1 through #10 and Western division teams will be seeded #1 through #10 in their respective tournament brackets. The winner of the loserís bracket will need to defeat the winner of the winnerís bracket twice to win the championship in each tournament bracket.

Tiebreakers for seedings are as follows:
  1. Head to head record
  2. Record versus common opponents (regular season games)
  3. Overall run differential (maximum 10 run win - ARD on standings page)
  4. Overall minimum runs allowed

A coin flip will be used in situations not covered by the above tiebreakers.

In the case of a three or more team tiebreaker, once the tie is broken, the winning team is removed and the remaining teams start the tiebreaker from the beginning (head-to-head record).


Higher seed is the home team

  • A team coming directly from the winnerís bracket playing a team that has played at least one (1) game in the consolation bracket will be the home team unless both teams came out of the same round in the winnerís bracket. (playoff seeding tiebreakers will be used in this case)
  • If the winner of the consolation bracket defeats the winner of the winners bracket in the first game, the consolation bracket winner will be the home team in the final game.

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